On Monday, 7 August 2023 at Lerep Village, Semarang Regency, one of the Geological Engineering students, Diponegoro University, through the Community Service Activity, namely “Kuliah Kerja Nyata Tematik (KKN-T)” with the theme “Strengthening and Development of Natural Potential-Based Tourism” compiled a book on landslide-prone studies and the mitigation at Lerep Village. This activity is part of the KKN-T work program which aims to provide real benefits to the surrounding community, especially in terms of landslide disaster mitigation. This is because, Lerep Village is a tourist village located at the foot of Mount Ungaran which has a wavy to very steep relief shape, so it has the potential for landslides. Therefore, that is the reason to make a landslide hazard guide book so that it can become a reference and reference for the local regional government in managing spatial planning and the area and its environment.

This research book includes information about the causes of landslides, early signs, parameters that influence the occurrence of landslides which are manifested by making maps of landslide-prone areas and mitigation measures that can be implemented by the community. The dissemination of the guide book was carried out in two places, the first at the Lerep Village apparatus routine meeting and the routine meeting at the Indrakila Hamlet Head’s house. This activity is carried out by socializing the contents of the guide book and encouraging active participation in landslide disaster mitigation. This socialization was carried out using Power Point media and continued with a discussion session to exchange the ideas.

Presenting the contents of the Landslide Research and The Mitigation Book to Lerep Government at the Village Hall (Personal Doc.)

The Head of Indakila Hamlet, Lerep Village, Mr. Junari said, “We are pleased that a study book has been made with a risk mapping of landslides at Lerep Village, especially in Indrakila Hamlet, because as we know that Indrakila is the place that has the potential for landslides to occur. Landslides were the highest compared to other hamlets. Through this guide book, we hope that the community can be more aware of the potential for landslides and be able to take appropriate preventive measures in the future. Then the local government can be wiser in determining future policies by taking into account the surrounding natural conditions. ”

Submission of the guide book and socialization to Lerep Village communities  (Personal Doc.)

The socialization activity was closed by giving the guide books to Government and Head of Indrakila Hamlet as well as joint documentation with the community. Through the this activity , the students hope to be able to assist the local government in increasing its awareness of village conditions regarding potential aspects of geological disasters and encouraging community active participation in carrying out disaster mitigation actions. This is in accordance with the concept of disaster risk reduction which is one of the targets in the Sustainable Development Goals, under SDG #4 Quality Education and SDG #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Contributor: Naafi’ Hisyam Malik (Geological Engineering Student, Diponegoro University)