Ilham Muhammad again set a milestone in the achievements of Geological Engineering students at the national level. Having previously been selected as a representative of Diponegoro University in the 2022 Most Outstanding Student Selection (Pilmapres) event, Ilham managed to prove that he was worthy and was chosen as 1st Place in the competition.

The 2022 Pilmapres itself was attended by as many as 30 finalists consisting of Diploma and Bachelor levels with 15 people each. All of the selected finalists, representing universities throughout Indonesia, which previously selected at the regional level. As is well known, Pilmapres is a student competition organized by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Research and Technology every year. The purpose of this competition is to give appreciation to the best students who are ready to become agents of change to build a better Indonesia in the future.

On the awarding night of the Pilmapres 2022, which took place on October 1, 2022, Ilham Muhammmad, was announced as the 1st Winner of the Bachelor level. Thus, Ilham was named the best student in 2022 who was chosen to carry out the task of being an agent of change for Indonesia.

Ilham’s achievement is a very important, not only for the department but also for Diponegoro University, because it is the first time for UNDIP students to win 1st place in the national Pilmapres. Therefore, for Ilham’s achievement, the entire Diponegoro University family also feels proud and happy.

Congratulations to Ilham Muhammad for his outstanding achievement. Hopefully the mandate and the task can be carried out well. Bravo!