Batu Akik (Undip Geology Engineering Student’s Bazaar as an Entrepreneurship Creativity Event) was held again. This time the Batu Akik event was attended by approximately 25 tenants who sell and offer various food, beverage and service products. Some of the products that are visitors’ favorites include “Bormie” Bornite Mie, which are noodles colored with telang flowers and added with rendang made from processed meat. In addition, there are healthy food products, namely “Fruttijar”, a low-calorie fruit dessert using yogurt and honey dressing. From beverage products, there is “Teh Bude” or Fruit Detox Lemon Tea, dried tea with a mixture of real dried lemon fruit for body detox, as well as many other products. Apart from food and beverage products, there are also non-food products, namely aromatherapy candles under the brands “Candle of Earth” and “Limopy”. Every product offered in Batu Akik was sold out when it was exhibited on Friday, June 16, 2023 in the courtyard of the Pertamina Sukowati Building, Geological Engineering.

The Batu Akik Bazaar itself was originally an activity initiated by entrepreneurship lecturers, namely Mrs. Narulita Santi and Jenian Marin as part of an assessment for entrepreneurship courses. Batu Akik is mandatory for all students taking entrepreneurship courses by making products of goods or services as a form of creative entrepreneurship program initiated and carried out by students themselves. Before participating in the bazaar, each product has gone through a market test to obtain an evaluation of the product produced so that the product is more marketable.

The enthusiasm of Undip Geological Engineering families was very good in welcoming this activity. Even though Batu Akik is actually a class assignment, it has become an activity that everyone looks forward to every year. Hopefully this activity can continue and make students more creative and excel in entrepreneurship.