The joint team consisting of Geological Engineering Department students: Izzatul Maulidiyah Abdillah Putri, Ilham Muhammad, and Jose Prima Boang Manalu won the Best Presentation and Outstanding Creativity of The Invention award through a work titled “ALCO (Octagonal Panel Eco Energy): Lego Panel Innovation based on Environmentally Friendly Materials as Solution to Supply Electricity in Remote Areas” at Africa OCIIP Expo 2020.

Together with two other students from the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro, the ALCO team participated in this international activity online on 17-19 November 2020. This expo activity carries the theme of creativity and innovation which is expected to bring significant changes in improving economic standards in the African continent. This activity was held by OCIIP (Organization for Creativity, Innovation, and Invention Promotion) Nigeria. The Expo is presented online and virtually in the form of keynote presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions and presentations of works, as well as the awarding of innovative awards. There were 1264 participants who were members of 83 teams from 30 countries participating through exhibitions of innovative ideas products as well as presentations of scientific articles.

As a representative of the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) which is the official affiliate of the 2020 Africa OCIIP Expo, the ALCO team has passed the abstract selection to represent Indonesia in the competition. The team’s research is very relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals, which are always emphasized in Diponegoro University research. The award as the best presentation and innovation deserves to be earned considering the hard work of the team in processing and combining thoughts from various fields of science for new innovations in the energy sector.

Congratulations for the achievement, especially to the Geological Engineering Department students. Support from all department and university staff for their success in bringing the institution’s good reputation.