In accordance with the Rector’s Regulation No. 4 of 2020 article 36, Evaluation of Learning Outcomes is a gradual assessment to determine the ability of students to continue their studies with the criteria for the number of credits and GPA. In February 2022, the Academic Sector of the Geological Engineering Department and the Guardian Lecturer will evaluate Semester III, VII, and above Semester VIII students in accordance with the evaluation stages based on these regulations.

The initial stage is to collect data on these students from the Guardian Lecturer. Furthermore, the Academic Affairs and Head of Department evaluate students whose criteria are lacking or need special attention to then send an evaluation letter to the student’s parents/guardians. The purpose of this notification is for parents to always monitor the progress of their studies.

Especially for students whose study period passes Semester VIII, a separate evaluation is carried out by holding a Zoom meeting. In the meeting which was also attended by the Guardian Lecturer, Advisory Lecturer, and the Head of the Department, an open dialogue was held with the students. Student development can be monitored along with the obstacles experienced both in terms of academic and non-academic. It is hoped that this activity will help students to finish their studies as soon as possible.