Two thousand and twenty-one is a year in which we all continue to struggle to face all the obstacles and challenges that arise due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The world of education and campuses is no exception, which must adapt to learning, academic and non-academic activities that must be held online and offline. However, the spirit of competition and achievement for Undip Geological Engineering Department students who are members of the Magmadipa HMTG has never been extinguished. It is proven by the following series of achievements at the end of 2021 both at the university and national level:

  1. The 3rd place in the Manacita 2021 Paper Competition was won by Rachmawatinur Pratiwi Ugar, Almiftahurrizqi, and Luqman Al Qalasadi Prasetijo
  2. Alfatika Istiqomah, Dyfan Putra P, and Yoel Krisnanda won the semifinals of the Top 10 National Call for Paper and Conference Party 8th and 11th Milad
  3. Best Speaker Narional Call for Paper and Conference The 8th and 11th Milad Parties were won by Alfatika Istiqomah
  4. The 3rd place in the Engineering English Competition FST Diponegoro University was won by Rosella Salma
  5. The 1st place for KTI RCA was won by Tiara Anindya PL

Congratulations to our proud students, hopefully in the future they can always produce works and achievements that are beneficial for the academic world, non-academic, and society.