Internal Laboratory

In order to conduct learning processes and researchs, our laboratories provide proper and well maintained tools and equipment. The availability and utilization for general uses are scheduled every semester by laboratory head and staffs. Based on equipments and research groups, there are four laboratories under Department of Geological Engineering:

Geotechnical Engineering, Geothermal, and Geophysics Lab (Lab. Geoteknik, Geotermal, dan Geofisika)


Laboratorium Geodinamik, Hidrogeologi, dan Planologi

Geodynamic, Hydrogeology, and Urban Planning Lab (Lab. Geodinamik, Hidrogeologi, dan Planologi)


Paleontology, Photo Geology, and Optical Lab (Lab. Paleontologi, Geologi Foto, dan Geooptik)


Sedimentology, Petroleum Geology, and Geochemistry Lab (Lab. Sedimen, Geologi Minyak Bumi, dan Geokimia)